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David Douglas

I’ve spent my career in high tech, with the addition of a serious focus on sustainability starting around 2005. After graduating from MIT in 1986, I’ve held positions at Thinking Machines, startup ConnecTerra, and two tours of duty at Sun Microsystems.

Over the years I’ve transitioned from engineering to CTO and GM roles for teams ranging from a few dozen up to several hundred. My time at Sun ended in 2010 with the acquisition by Oracle. My last two positions there were Chief Sustainability Officer and Sr. Vice President of Cloud Computing, where I oversaw all of Sun’s cloud computing efforts, as well as NetBeans and OpenOffice.

I’m currently a Vice President at Applied Minds working on a wide range of technology and sustainability opportunities, and heading up the Boston office. I’m also on the board of the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) and SkySQL, and a Sr. Fellow at the Breakthrough Institute.

In the fall of 2009 Greg Papadopoulos and I released the book “Citizen Engineer”, our attempt to capture the core knowledge about sustainability and intellectual property that engineers will need in this new century. We are currently working on updates as well as ways to integrate this into the curriculum at a number of major universities. We both regularly talk at schools and welcome invitations to spread the word.

I blog here at NearWalden, and have previously written extensively on my Sun blog. You can also follow me on twitter (@nearwalden).

I live in Concord, MA with my family.

You can reach me at ‘dd’ at this domain.