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Are We Witnessing the Roots of US Data Isolationism?

If you’re an American you probably don’t spend much time thinking about where all of your data is stored. In reality it is probably spread across Gmail or some other email provider, Facebook,, your cell company, the Department of Motor Vehicles, etc, etc, etc. If someone you do business with got hacked or went […]

iPhone Power Revisited: Still Less Than a Fridge

In August Mark Mill’s paper “The Cloud Begins with Coal” claimed that that the annual energy use of an iPhone exceeded that of a standard refrigerator. In my response I showed where his calculations were flawed, and that his claim didn’t hold up (a number of others also offered critiques). However, I also said that […]

Running @ 50

In December I hit two milestones: turning 50, and running 1,000 miles in a year for the first time in a decade. These weren’t totally unrelated – a few years earlier I’d seen 50 coming and decided I better pick up the exercise again. I’d been running regularly since I was in junior high, I […]

IPhone app testing

Trying out the WordPress iPhone app. Haven’t hacked on my blog in awhile, and it seems that WP has come along nicely in the interim.

OpenSolaris install

Had some time to play around over the weekend with OpenSolaris 200805 release. It’s a huge, huge step forward. There’s still some rough edges, but so far they’ve all been things that seem fixable in a relatively short amount of time. One thing for people to be aware of is a bug in the current […]

Fixing iPhoto and My Picturemate Printer

I’m writing this in case anyone else runs into it. I hadn’t hooked our Epson Picturemate up to my printer for awhile, but when I did for the first time after upgrading to Leopard, I ended up with a 0.10″ trailing white edge on my borderless pictures. I could even see it in the iPhoto […]

Riddle Me This

A month ago Sun had over 2,700 in its Facebook Network. Now its down to 2,606. Are people leaving? Did someone prune the network?