Moving Pebble Around

I haven't written for a few days because I've been trying to move my Pebble blog to a subdirectory on my server. I'd been using mod_jk, sending everything for the virtual host over to tomcat.

I've run into two separate sets of problems. First, there are a number of things in the main themes that don't move to subdirectories correctly. They center on the tag pebble:theme, which returns /pebble/themes/… This works when its set at the top level, but not at a subdirectory. These were easy to hunt down (one was in the header, the other in some places I'd used it).

The second problem has been with getting the connection to fully work. I used apache's reverse proxy, which works great, except that I'm using 2.0 which doesn't doesn't have the reverse proxying for cookies. Everything works except for j_security_check, which requires cookies and is party of the login process. This is the version I'm currently running, but I can't login via the web page. At some point I'll upgrade to 2.2, at which point this approach should just work.

The alternative was to keep using mod_jk. I have everything setup and the whole site works, except for the actual blog entries. I'm getting a weird java error in the logs which looks like it might be a filename creation problem. So I currently flip to this when I have to login. I may have something not setup right, but I can't find it. Will hack some more on this later.

If anyone has any ideas or have a config that works, send 'em to 'dd' at this domain - thanks!

I added a couple of redirects for those who subscribe to, and those work fine.

Now I can build out the other parts of my site that I've been contemplating…

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