Moving Radio posts to Pebble

With my Radio Userland subscription running out, I got compelled to finally get my posts over to Pebble, which I've been really happy with. I started with input from two sources: 1) a description of how the filenames are constructed from Tim Shadel, and 2) a Radio to MT script by Krzysztof Kowalczyk Note that it works from the XML archive files that are put in backups/weblogArchive of Radio folder; you'll need to enable that feature in the Radio preferences.

This script should handle basic posts fine. If you use categories a lot, you're going to want to do some more work in that section, but it's pretty straightforward. A also haven't done any work with catching references within the weblog and transforming the Radio URLs to Pebble URLs. That part will probably take some more serious work.

Let me know if you use and if you make any additions or changes. Next step, get my MT posts over!

The file is here.

NOTE: I wanted to try a Python project, and had the code, so this ended up in Python instead of Java, which probably would have made more sense.


p>Additional notes: for some reason I'm not getting the month links to work in the calendar prior to 2005. The posts show up, though, and are searchable. Not sure why yet. Also, I had to fiddle with file ownership, so you may have to also.



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