Cameron Barrett's Freedoms:…

Cameron Barrett’s Freedoms: A response to his Blog against America

As with any American citizen, Cameron Barrett has significant rights and freedoms:

He has the freedom to take extended vacations in Russia. This is a particularly hard-won freedom as we stood alone against a string of communist Soviet dictators in an epic, and sometimes dangerous power struggle lasting more than four decades. During this time we prevented the spread of the repressionist Soviet state and ultimtately freed the country’s citizens along with the nations who were effectively annexed by the Soviets at the end of WWII.

He has the freedom to berate and belittle follow Americans solely based on the way they talk, their haircut and their names.

He has the freedom to feel pissed off if people don’t like the clothes he bought to fit in better with the Russians.

He has the freedom to want the country to be open to anyone who wants to come here (which is odd, since he seems to want to get out).

He has the freedom to lash out at the President of the United States without ever saying why, other than people that he met in other countries don’t like him and the president won’t let everyone who wants to come into the country.

Finally, he has the freedom to move to another country and renounce his US citizenship. Based on his writing I don’t believe he has the courage to take advantage of that freedom, but I’d like to be proven wrong.