It was awhile ago,…

It was awhile ago, but I hope that everyone who remembers it can take a moment and recall the psychological change that Ronald Reagan brought to this country as President. At the end of the Carter “era” it seemed like everything was going wrong - high interest rates, oil shortages, Americans were under attack in the Middle East, and the USSR still looked like a daunting foe.

Reagan believed we could be better and created an environment where it could happen. Was he perfect? Of course not. But we are still benefitting from the positive momentum created by Ronald Reagan.

Today’s problems are different than when Reagan took office, but we’ve got some of the same psychological malaise. While I generally support what Bush has done, I have serious issues which how he did it. We’re losing allies around the world and dividing the country. Reagan didn’t have universal support, but the style of leadership he exhibited didn’t divide people the way Bush does.

On the other hand, even a few months into the serious campaign it’s clear that John Kerry doesn’t have it either. If half (or more) of our country wasn’t so mad at Bush, Kerry would never be a serious candidate for president in this country.