Well, I didn't…

Well, I didn’t say alot in my blog about the election during the run-up, since I had lost the passion about either candidate. By 11/2 my top hope was that the election go off without a prolonged legal or other battle which would leave us without a result. In the end I voted for the president despite my dissatisfaction with executing his policies. I continue to support the war in Iraq, but agree that it has been incredibly poorly executed.

On the other hand, I just couldn’t get myself past Kerry’s strong liberal bent and lack of direction. Having had him as my Jr. Senator for many years now, I just wasn’t comfortable with him in the Whitehouse. At some level you have to ask what the Dems were thinking, nominating a billionaire intellectual from the Northeast with an incredibly weak record in the Senate and a well known history of not being able to connect to crowds of people. To his credit he overcame much of this, but in the end the mainstream of the country just couldn’t deal. (I don’t think Edwards and Theresa did him much good either).

Looking forward I’m hoping for some change in the Bush cabinet. I think some fresh energy and ideas will do some good, and I continue to believe that he’s a good man at heart. Good bless you, Mr. President, we need you to do a good job for the next 4 years.