London Journal

Last week we were in London as part of a family trip to the UK. Watching the horrible news today was a stark reminder that we were in some of those tube stations within the last few days.

It’s heard not to be struck by the juxtaposition of the exciting news on Wednesday that London would get the 2012 Olympics with the horrible tragedy of Thursday morning. London was so excited about getting the 2012 Games; you could really feel it when you were immersed in the huge Back the Bid effort that was ubiquitous in London.

But the thoughts that came to mind this morning were of our visit to the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms. One of the most creative, energetic and thoughtful museums I’ve ever visited. It so captured the strength of the people of London as they held on as the last main opponent to Hitler in Western Europe, and the great leadership of Churchill et al during that period. Watching the news this morning and listening to Tony Blair it was uplifting to know, that at such a dark moment, the resolve of the Brits is not in peril.

God Bless the British, especially those who were directly affected by this horrible act.