Sports, Sports, Sports

Being a general sports fan is nice because there’s always interesting stuff going on somewhere. For some reason, this week is really hopping:

  • Baseball is back underway, and the Yankess are coming up north for a series at Fenway. Schilling is going to be in the bullpen for the first time, adding to the usual tension and excitement of the biggest rivalry in baseball (all of sports?).
  • Tiger is tearing up the course in St. Andrews, and the Golden Bear is playing in his last major. Definitely golf’s greatest venue.
  • Michelle Wie is on a history making march through the Men’s US Amateur tournament. She got through the qualifying tournament which put her into the 64-player match play contest. Yesterday she one once and twice today, leaving her in the round of 8. What’s amazing isn’t only that a woman is doing this, is that a 15 year-old is doing it. I don’t think there’s anyone else under the age of 20, man or woman, involved in this tournament. The prize at the end is huge - an invite to the 2006 Masters.
  • Very few of us may care, but the NHL is back on for the 2005-6 season. Lace ‘em up, boys!
  • And the biggest story, Lance Armstrong on his quest for his seventh Tour de France victory. If you have cable, make sure to tune into OLN every night - it’s history in the making, and possibly the crowning achievement of a great American hero.