Hacking on a few things these days. First, still finishing my transition to Pebble. I got my Radio website over and I’m working on getting a bunch of private blogs I have in Movable Type over using a variation on the same script.

Right now I’m working on some CMS or Wiki infrastructure for my wife’s new website (details to come later). She does fine with HTML, but the site will be complex enough that it’d be good to have some underlying infrastructure. Right now we’re looking at MediaWiki and some other systems. There’s gazillions of open source CMS options, and I’m not sure if the likes of Mambo, Drupal et al add features which are useful to my wife. Sometimes I find the abstractions of these systems are cumbersome if you know what’s going on and you want to control it.

Also getting up to speed on my new strategy role at BEA, hacking on our Tivo periodically, and keeping up with the blogs I read.