Open Letter to the Owner of the Boston Bruins

Mr. Jacobs,

You dont need me to tell you that your hockey team is awful. Anyone who had doubts before got convinced when they gave up 6 goals in successive games this week.

I writing to talk to you about what comes next. Im concerned that Im going to wake up tomorrow and hear that youve fired the coach. Now Im no Mike Sullivan fan, just the opposite, ut this isnt what you need to do.

I also wouldnt be surprised if you fired Mike OConnell tomorrow morning. We all watched him trade his franchise player 2 months after signing him to a new contract. None of us were surprised that he was playing like he did - thats what he did the whole time he was on the team - but apparently it was a surprise to Mike. Unfortunately it seemed like lots of players were a surprise to Mike, either how they played when they got to Boston, or how they played when they left. All of that aside, I dont want you to fire Mike tomorrow either.

What I want you to do is fire Harry Sinden. Anything short of getting a new president is just putting on a bandaid, when in fact this team has a serious disease. Harry told us for two years how he had played everything right and was going to have a Stanley Cup contender after the new agreement with the players. Well, he couldnt have been more wrong. Sure his coach and GM let him down, but it all goes back to Harry.

And this isnt the first year - weve seen this same sad story many, many times.

So, Mr. Jacobs, please wake up tomorrow and make a phone call to Harry. Bring in a new president and let him take care of Mike and Mike however he wants. Anything short of that and we arent going to get where we both want us to be.

Yours as a Bruins fan,

Dave Douglas