Bad Dig

5:30 AM this morning and I’m on my way to Logan airport for a quick trip to SF. The Ted Williams Tunnel is closed, but its 5:30am so that shouldn’t be a factor. Wrong!

Once they finished the Ted Williams Tunnel, they continued with their completion of the Big Dig, including putting I-93, which runs through the center of Boston, underground. When they did this they made it more convoluted to get into the old airport tunnels. Then, as part of the airport roadway redesign, they changed how traffic from the old tunnel flows into the airport. The result?

At 5:30am this morning it took 25 minutes to make it the last mile to the airport. The surprise was right at the end, where there was a work crew busy trying to add back one of the lanes they’d dropped in the last 5 years.

If you are a US tax payer, you should be outraged at what your tax $$ got spent on in Boston. If you are a Massachusetts tax payer, get ready to get whacked. That road crew that was finishing up at 5:30 this morning didn’t come cheap, and the TWT is a long way from healthy. Its going to be a long road, and a long drive until this thing is fixed.