Set up Shop at the top of the Four Seasons

Me and Kid Rock have something in common. One of the nice things since I returned to Sun is the new Four Seasons in Palo Alto (SUNW shareholders don’t worry - the Sun rate is similar to the other hotels in the area). I’ve probably stayed here a half dozen times by now, and really enjoy the environment and, of course, service.

Last night they did an awesome thing for me that will keep me coming back (I was going to anyway, but now I’m also blogging about it!).

They noticed that I borrowed toothpaste from the front desk when I checked in last time. I usually don’t check luggage on business trips. This time when I checked in and asked for toothpaste they said “Your personal toiletry kit is already in your room, sir.” And it was! A nice toiletry kit with toothpaste and lotion, a name tag with my name on it, and a note that said I could keep whatever I wanted in it, and they would have it in my room whenever I checked in.

This is the kind of personalization I’d be blown away with on-line, but having it in the real world is even better!