Having a work blog is making me rethink my blog strategy.

When I rejoined Sun I followed in Hal Stern’s footsteps and separated my home and work blogs (Hal’s home, work). My sense at the time was that no one reading my Sun blog wanted to hear what I thought of the new coach of the Bruins, and I didn’t want any political comments to reflect (directly) on the company. I also didn’t have the personal/professional brand of Sun uber-blogger Tim Bray, so didn’t think that it made sense to declare NearWalden as my all purpose blog.

So far its worked out well. I’m feel like I’m starting to hit my stride on the work blog, though they still take some time to do and I’ve got a backlog of topics I want to hit on. In general, my personal blog has suffered, however. I think its mostly writing time being split, but I’m also spending a lot of mental energy on work, so most of the interesting topics get written on at Sun.

So what I’m going to do is hack around with this blog. My thought is to do what others have done and make it more of a personal mashup, with data coming from writing but also Flickr and other sources of info about me. It’ll probably take me a month of two to do the transformation, so watch this space.

We’ll find out: is a picture worth a thousand words?