The Eco Dialogue at Sun

It’s great to see the level of dialogue about the environment continuing to grow within Sun. Here’s a few recent links and notes:

  • First, we’re getting tremendous response from our first CSR report. It’s causing discussion inside the company and with many of our external stakeholders. Congrats to Marcy and the team who did a great job pulling it together. This will be updated annually, with the next release in the fall (we’re going to get on a schedule to match our annual financial report).
  • Valdis Filks writes about what he’s doing at home, and sets a great example. Share your success stories!
  • Valdis also writes about the environmental costs of tape and disk. In recent presentations I’ve been saying that tape/disk is the next killer hybrid. Just like the Prius uses gas and electric motors to complement each other, tape and disk can fill a similar role, and with similar eco results. Stay tuned - more to come from our storage team on this.
  • Tim Bray gets a strongly worded comment for taking a trip down to Sun’s headquarters to meet with a software VIP. I can’t judge whether Tim’s trip was worth the CO2, or whether Tom’s in any position to criticize someone about taking a business trip. But it raises a key question: how much are we going to have to scale back the economy as we know it today in order to get to a sustainable model? I hope to write some about this this spring.

Next post will be back to our regularly scheduled CO2 discussion.