I suppose I should follow Jonathan’s lead and Twitter this, but here’s a bunch of tidbits from the last week or so in an old fashioned blog posting:

  • I’m a huge reader and fan of Worldchanging, so was happy that we could help out when they needed a new server. So I’m happy to announce that as of this week, Worldchanging is running on an ultra-efficient SunFire T1000 server. Check out the logo on the bottom right of the page!
  • Speaking of Worldchanging, I really liked yesterday’s post by Jon Lebkowsky about the role of technology in non-profit organizations. In systems companies like Sun our first reaction is always to try to give stuff to people who would be end-users, and as a result we often overlook the multiplier effect we could achieve by helping out the helpers.
  • Was out with Blackbox in Minneapolis yesterday, and the energy and interest in it continues to grow. There’s a lot of interesting disaster recovery (DR) scenarios that are coming up, but some interesting discussion of DA (disaster avoidance) as well. If your datacenter is mobile, you can get it out of dodge if something bad is about to happen. Clearly all disasters aren’t predictable like that, but there’s some pretty interesting classes of them that are…
  • Unfortunately I missed my folks, who were at the Blackbox event on Monday in Milwaukee. Hopefully they got a good idea for a Christmas present for me!
  • Finally, had a couple of good dinners last week, but especially enjoyed our dinner on Wednesday where I was joined by Wally McGuire, Directory of Flex Your Power and Chairman of the CCEEB, and Michael Gelobter, President of Redefining Progress. We talked about a wide range of topics, but one of the most intriguing was when Michael asked the eight of us at the table who are parents, who walked to school as a kid, and whose kids walked to school today. Score: 8 of us walked to school, and none of our kids do. Yowza!