Software patents

Microsoft is bringing software patents to the forefront with their article this week in Fortune. My sense is that they are testing the water - if you have a reaction to this you need to tell them what you think, either directly or through your purchases.

The Sun bloggers have already produced some interesting reading on this. Greg P and Jonathan are laying out Sun’s position more and more clearly, and Tim provides his thoughtful-as-always commentary (follow the links to his earlier work, but the last line says it all…“Shut up or litigate”). But make sure to read Mike Dillon, Sun’s general counsel and senior most legal guy - it’ll open up your eyes to what’s happening.

I’m not going to tell you that this is as important as dealing with climate change, but if you run a business it is important to you, and if you run a technology-driven business, then it is critical to the future of your business.