What I've Been Up To

Haven’t blogged a lot this year, but there’s been a good reason. In late December Jonathan called me and asked me to take the lead on the MySQL integration. You might be wondering why the VP of Eco Responsibility got tapped for this, but its not that surprising. When singular events occur in the company, such as the $1B purchase of an open source icon, we need to tap resources from all over to cover all of the work that’s required.

And in some ways, I suppose I was a logical pick. My Eco job has me working with execs and groups across the company, so building on those relationships to make MySQL an integral part of Sun makes sense. Furthermore, I’ve got an awesome team driving our Eco agenda, so we’ve been able to keep our momentum up on that front even with my attention being split for a while.

I probably won’t write much about my MySQL work here, but I wanted to spend some time on it today since its a key milestone, the public closing of the deal. There’s tons of excitement on both sides as we reach this milestone. There’s a lot to do yet, but we finally get to sit down and start doing real work together, which is what everyone’s been waiting for.

With the close a number of issues are wrapped up, but a bunch of things can only now get started for real. So I’ll probably still be somewhat spotty with my blogging for the next month or two, but I’ve been accumulating things to talk about, so watch this space.