Quick Hits from EL

A couple of quick items of note from Environmental Leader over the last week.

First, Thin Clients Trump PCs On Energy Consumption provides some real-world data on the energy advantages of thin client architectures. We’ve seen benefits in management overhead and security also, but more and more companies are exploring the energy benefits and getting results. I often find that people aren’t aware of our thin client SunRay products or virtual desktop offerings, but these savings are real, so check ‘em out if you haven’t already done so.

Second, Alliance For Climate Protection Launches $300M Marketing Push talks about the launch of the new program by the Alliance for Climate Protection, and their new website wecansolveit.org. $300M for advertising to raise awareness? Man, that’s a lot of money. I really find it hard to believe that’s the most effective thing we can do today for the environment with $300M, but, hey, its not my dough so who am I to say.