OpenSolaris install

Had some time to play around over the weekend with OpenSolaris 200805 release. It’s a huge, huge step forward. There’s still some rough edges, but so far they’ve all been things that seem fixable in a relatively short amount of time.

One thing for people to be aware of is a bug in the current release that means that you can’t install in partitions of certain sizes or locations on a multi-OS disk. In my experience there’s only two things that work: 1) you install OS in the first partition, in which case it can be any size, or 2) you install in a partition that’s less than 4GB in size. This isn’t totally clear from the bug report linked above.

The other thing I’m having trouble with is running under Virtual Box on my mac (btw, the latest VB release is wonderful - if you want multiple OS’s on your system try VB first). Can someone publish the right xorg.conf file to go full screen on the MacBook Pro?

Lastly, emacs IPS package, please?