What's Next, No Beer Coolers?

The UK is looking into banning large screen TVs, claiming that they are at the center of growth in home energy use.

I’m sure they are a problem, but it seems a little extreme to go straight to banning, when they don’t even have a program like Energy Star, or any other measurement/labelling system. My sense is that the folks pushing for drastic environmental action need to be a little careful here. First, we’re in a global recession. Second, we appear to be in the second winter in a row of obviously cooler temperatures (at least in the US and Europe). That doesn’t mean that global warming has stopped, but we could get cooler for a few years before we get warmer again. Or this cooling could end tomorrow. Or it could last 10,000 years. No one really knows. Anyway, any proposal with starts with drastic action at this point has the potential to cause more harm to the environmental movement than the good it does.