Yahoo!: Take the Next Step!

Yahoo! has been in the news with its new plans for an energy efficient datacenter in upstate NY, along with plans to discontinue purchasing carbon offsets.

First, nice to see Yahoo! join the ranks of those who find they can do more for the climate by investing in their own GHG reduction, rather than buying carbon offsets and investing in others.

Second, the article mentions that Yahoo! may patent their datacenter design. (Note: getting a patent doesn’t mean you can’t give it away - the question is whether they will share the work or not). If they really want to do something for the climate they will give the design away - let others do the same thing! We’ve published our green datacenter plans on the Internet in hopes that people will copy them and help reduce the overall load of datacenters on our energy infrastructure.

Want to have an impact? Use your expertise to teach others how to reduce theirs!