Paper with a Future

Check out the paper that MTV and GE are using for the college eco challenge (see the end of this article):

One of the more creative publicity moves is a biodegradable postcard that will be given out on campuses all over the country, which has information about the contest, and can be planted for Marigold and Cosmo flowers. “I’m excited about these,” Friedman said. “I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s this very cool postcard that you get all the information on how to apply, and you actually can plant the postcard.”

“The very cool thing about it, you know again is that it is not something where we are creating waste,” Friedman said. You soak this hand-made seed paper, leave in a glass of water for a few hours, place the card in a pot of soil, cover it, keep out of direct sun light, water two times a day and in a week, you will have some sprouts. Then you move it outdoors when the weather gets better, Friedman said.