My First JavaOne

I had to have one of the strangest first trips to JavaOne.

You could wonder how I’ve been in Sun and Java for so long and never made it to JavaOne, and I couldn’t give you a good answer. But this was going to be my first year one way or the other, as I was selected by BEA to give their keynote on Wednesday. This was a great honor, however I left BEA for Sun between the time I was selected and the event took place.

So why did I end up going? Because in my new role as VP of Eco Responsibility at Sun I was the official sponsor of the Bike to JavaOne initiative! We ended up saving about 8 tons of CO2, so it was a very cool event (check out my Sun blog for upcoming pics).

So it wasn’t the role I envisioned for myself at my first JavaOne, but it was great nonetheless. JavaOne is huge and the energy was great. Check out Tim Bray’s summary for a good sense of the Good, Bad and Ugly.

And speaking of Tim, I got to finally meet him at a “beverage-centric event” sponsored by Hal Stern. Looking forward to working with you, Tim!