Bike to JavaOne

We did one of those simple-but-effective activities at JavaOne. Working with the San Francisco Bike Coalition we provided free, secure bike parking at the Mosconne Center for each day of JavaOne.

Was it effective? We got a few dozen bikes each day, but it added up to some goodness. Total CO2 savings were in the multiple ton range, assuming those folks would have driven if they hadn’t rode. We’ll make it happen again next year, and I want to hit the 20-ton savings mark.

Congrats to the team!

The big take away for me was the effectiveness given the scale. A small number <of energetic folks made this happen, and even those who didn’t bike got some eco-responsibility reminders. Last week Thomas Friedman said that his hopes are lifted by the “million Manhattan projects” that are tackling our energy challenges. We need those million, but we also need the billion smaller projects that don’t warrant the Manhattan analogy.

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