PG&E Rebate Recap

It was a crazy day. So much interest in the PG&E; rebate, that I haven’t had a chance to finish my blog post about it. As a result, Jonathan and Tim both beat me to the punch.

I won’t rehash the basic coverage here, but want to instead focus on a few points that weren’t as widely covered:

  1. Kudos to PG&E.; We’ve built some great servers, but they’ve put their money where their mouth is and are giving customers $$ to save energy.
  2. We definitely want to talk to other energy providers about doing something similar. I’ve gotten a number of questions from customers asking about availability of similar programs with their utility, so there’s definitely customer interest out there. Send me an email and lets talk about what we can do.
  3. If you’re going to use these servers in the PG&E; area, definitely take them up on it! If you’re in another part of the country or the world, there’s still big savings to be had. The reason there’s a rebate is that all of the customers PG&E; looked at had significant energy savings. The one I’m most familiar with expects to save over $800/year in direct energy costs, and an additional $200+ in air conditioning for a total savings of over $1000/year. I’ve seen other cases (outside of our work with PG&E;) where the savings were over $2500/year compared to the energy costs pre-ugrade! So no matter where you are, take a look at these servers and what the

Space, power, cooling and budget are the big constraints in any datacenter. Take a look at what our servers can do to help you out with your overconstrained situation!