Triple Threat

One of the things I hear consistently in my job is that data centers are running out of some combination of space, cooling and/or power. Gartner and others have published figures saying that over half are up against at least one of these limits. So a pretty obvious question is, where is Sun at?

One of our folks took the initiative and gathered up some data. Looking at 10 data centers around the world, here’s the numbers:

  • Out of space: 1
  • Out of cooling: 2
  • Out of power: 3

In addition, four were over 75% capacity on space, and two at over 75% capacity on power. In total, 6 out of 10 were max’ed out on something, and 2 more were over 75% on at least one thing. Only 2 data centers were “green” on all three.

Now that we we’ve got a baseline, I’ll be tracking this here as things progress.